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How does this work?

You contact us through our contact page, phone, or email. We will email our pricing guide brochure for you to select which add-on packages are of interest and set up a phone call for an initital meeting.  Once agreements have been made and a contract signed, we will permanently reserve your event date on our calendar. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Do you serve NA as well as Alcoholic beverages? What about taps?

Our bar "Desta" has 3 taps for beer, wine, or cider of your choosing. Inside our bar we can capacitate sixtel (1/6) and Tall Quarter (1/4) kegs. We recognize the need for NA beverages at any event. Lemonade? Coffee? Tea? Sparkling water? Yes, yes, yes, yes! We will work with you to fulfill your beverage needs. (Note: we currently do not have a cappuccino or espresso machine - We do however, offer a package for coffe and use locally roasted coffee)

What are the electrical & other requirements for set-up?

We need access to an electrical outlet, a flat area where we can park and safely position the bar, and be able to easily access the location of the event with the Bar in tow. A bit of space matters for navigating and positioning. Please let us know if you have any necessary accessibility needs; we want our bar to be a great experience for everyone.

Where are you located & how far are you able to travel?

Our business is located in the heart of Charlottesville. We do have the capacity to travel to events beyond city limits. Our free travel limit is within a 30 mile radius from the heart of Charlottesville. Beyond that 30 miles we add a small mileage fee. This enables us to share our services within a broader area and tow our heavy bar trailer.

What is your payment and refund policy?

We know how important your event is to you and we are aware that things happen beyond our control that lead to cancellations- e.g. weather, illness, zombie apocalypse etc. If you must cancel or change your event date, simply contact us 90 days or more prior to your event so we can either release a full refund of the 50% retainer or negotiate a different available date for your event. We will gladly work with you to reschedule within the time frame of a year and pending our availability. 

Do you have a liquor license?

We carry a general & liquor liability insurance. This protects us & our bartenders as we serve you. In the state of Virginia for private events you will obtain a VA ABC Banquet license for your event if you are renting a venue. If your event is on private property you don't need a liquor license for an open bar. We will happily send a direct link to the ABC website where you can acquire a banquet license. What is the cost? about $65 total. In the long run, you will have more agency over your alcohol amounts and expenses and we can effectively help you save $$ on your liquor costs. We can pick up liquor at a VA ABC store if it's pre-ordered or pre-ordered sixtel kegs: you write the check - we'll pick them up. Don't worry, we have your back and can discuss this further if you have more questions.

How early should we book our event?

To ensure the likelihood of our availability give yourself at least 6 months or more to secure a date for your special event. However, an early booking is not required. We know some people will be booking within a tighter time frame. We will work with you. Tips: Research the area, consider the season & desired day of the week as you plan. The busier the time of year, and especially weekend days, the more quickly those coveted dates will be booked. Take into account the schedule of UVA as we often book for graduation and other special events (this in particular applies to Mid-May weddings).

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